Five ways to balance things out after overindulging.

Had one too many pancakes this week?  Did you over-do the treats at the weekend?  Did you overindulge at that special occasion the other day?  Did you make a few too many visits to the buffet table?  Or did you say yes to cake brought in by a colleague despite already treating yourself to pudding at lunch-time?

Well no need to despair if any of this applies to you!  These things don’t have to mean the end of your weight-loss efforts.  Don’t give up and decide not to bother going to your next weigh-in or cancel your next appointment with your weight-loss advisor.  Check out my ideas for how you can balance things out so that little blip doesn’t have to mean disaster.


1. Temporarily rein things in a bit more.

Look at your portions – is there something you can reduce at your next meal or two?  Be careful not to skip meals or reduce things too much, but ask yourself do you really need mayo AND butter on your sandwich today?  Or could you have a smaller portion of rice or pasta than you normally have with your main meal just for today?

2. Skip the treats altogether for a few days.

When is your next planned treat?  Could you hold off for a little longer or skip it to allow for the treat you already had?

What treats could you skip on to help balance things out?
What treats could you skip on to help balance things out?

3. Increase your activity levels to use up the extra energy.

Where could you squeeze some more exercise in?  How about doing an extra exercise class or adding another 30mins on to your weekend walk?  Could you push yourself a little bit harder in your next exercise session? (NB always check first with your GP/physio/personal trainer that it’s safe for you to do this)

4. Pay extra attention to your body.

Try really listening to your hunger cues – what is your body actually saying?  If you’ve eaten more than you need one day, your appetite will often be a little reduced the next day, as your body will try to maintain a steady weight in the long-term.  Of course some people find that eating fatty/sugary foods leaves them wanting more so be careful to listen to whether it’s physical hunger or just the desire to eat more of those goodies.

Watch out for the extra Calories in sweet cocktails and sugary alcopops
Watch out for the extra Calories in sweet cocktails and sugary alcopops

5. Cut out alcoholic drinks for the rest of the week.

Try cutting out alcoholic drinks as this can be a great way of saving loads of Calories.  We sometimes forget that alcohol gives us energy, not to mention the extra sugar from mixers or sweet drinks such as alcopops.  Two or three drinks on a night out can easily add up to the equivalent energy in a small meal without us even considering it.  If you struggle to stick to just one drink, try offering to be the designated driver on your next night out, as a way of limiting yourself or avoiding alcohol altogether.  See how much of a difference it makes to you – you may even find it easier to continue your weight-loss efforts the next day too.


Are you trying to lose weight – how do you balance things out after a little overindulgence?  I’d love to hear your strategies in the comments below.


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Louise Tanner-Stokes
Hi I'm Louise, a Food Relationship Coach and registered Dietitian with a passion for helping mums to ditch the diets for good. I want to help you feel good about yourself, feel in control of your eating and enjoy your food again - normal food and especially the cake and chocolate!

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2 thoughts on “Five ways to balance things out after overindulging.

  1. Hi Louise,

    Good blog post!

    I’ve found that I love food even more when I’m eating the right things but it still doesn’t deter me from being naughty (my self control is near to none) but I’ve been exercising a lot more to make up for my naughtiness.

    1. Thanks Chelsea – glad you liked my post.

      Yes exercising more is great for allowing yourself a few extra treats! I try to encourage my clients to avoid viewing food as good or bad and look at the diet as a whole, it really helps reduce those unhelpful feelings/thoughts that contribute towards unhealthy relationships with food 🙂

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