New year, new you?

I’m not going to lie; my deadly sins of choice over the last 5 or 6 days have been gluttony and sloth (give or take a few attempts at charades).  There has been way too much sitting around than is healthy for a human being and much more eating than is necessary for just one person, not to mention the booze!  I feel pretty bad – lethargic, irritable and I bet I’m not alone. 

We’re just coming up to the time of year when people start making New Year’s Resolutions.  I hear people turning to the latest faddy diets or gearing up to ‘starting afresh’, but only from 1st January.  I always think, why wait till January 1st?  If you have a change in mind, the sooner you start the sooner you can get used to it and the easier it gets.  Also the smaller the changes are, the easier they are to incorporate into your usual routine.  So why not try to start getting back on track today?  Think about what healthy habits have lapsed over the festive season.  Are you getting enough fruit and veg?   Has the exercise regime disappeared?  Have you been eating regular meals or just picking all day?  Have you been eating chocolate every day or drinking more alcohol than normal?  What do you want to change and how could you go about doing this?  Now is as good a time as any to get going with your plan. 

Also if it doesn’t go quite how you imagined, how about thinking through what went wrong rather than giving up straightaway and beating yourself up for being a failure?  Was the plan too big in the first place – could you break it down into steps?  What strategies could you use to overcome any issues?  For example, my plan was to try and get back on track with getting my ‘5-a-day’ fruit & veg.  It went well on Friday, but then over the weekend it all went out the window again.  Looking back over the weekend I think the problem was that I’ve been getting up too late and then grazing all day rather than having proper meals.  So my next strategy will be to aim to get up earlier and think about meals in advance.  If one strategy doesn’t work, think about why it didn’t work then try a different angle and keep persevering until you find a strategy that works for you.

Try this step-by-step plan as a guide:

1.       What is my goal?                                            

e.g. reduce snacking

2.       How am I going to achieve my goal?

Try to stick to regular meal-times rather than grazing all day

3.       Is there anything that might go wrong with/get in the way of my plan?

Treats in the house leftover from Christmas

4.       What possible strategies would help overcome the problem(s)?

Divide treats into portions and put in freezer, give treats away, throw them out, plan distractions (work, hobbies, go out, phone a friend)

5.       Try the plan

The first day it went well then the second day seemed more tough

6.       What went wrong and what further strategies could help overcome these issues?

The second day I didn’t have any plans/work so I was bored and found myself frequently raiding the kitchen.  Tomorrow I will make a list of distractions or plan a project to keep myself busy and out of the kitchen.

7.       Repeat steps 5 & 6……


What are you waiting for?


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