Self-investment – what’s it worth?

I was talking to a friend the other day about how people often don’t think twice about treating themselves to a new pair of shoes or a new bag.  After all, they worked hard and earned the money, so they deserve it don’t they?  It reminded me of a conversation I had with a mentor once about how, no matter what her money situation, she would always find the money to pay for her regular hair-cut.  It was a priority for her, something she wasn’t prepared to give up regardless of her situation; it was an investment in herself she was willing to make.

Everyone has a different view of what is essential or what is a priority for them.  But how many of us prioritise our health?  How often do we invest in something that is going to benefit our health in the long-term?

Take physical activity for example.  You might think “I don’t want to pay for a gym membership or weekly classes; I’ve got other things I’d rather pay for….”  Being sedentary, however, has consequences – you may find that even if you’re a healthy weight now, you gain weight as you get older.  You may find you’re more tired/anxious/depressed than if you were more active.  Or even more extreme than that, you may find yourself 10 years from now lying in a hospital bed after a stroke or heart attack wishing you’d been a bit more active when you were a bit younger.  (Hopefully that won’t happen though!)


Exercise is a long-term investment - in martial arts they say 'Someone with a black belt is someone with a white belt who kept going'
Exercise is a long-term investment – in martial arts they say ‘Someone with a black belt was someone with a white belt who kept going’

Going back to that new pair of shoes you treated yourself to – yes it may make you feel good, but for how long?  It’s often a quick fix solution.  I’m not saying that it’s wrong to treat yourself, but it’s often the problem with weight management – people don’t want to invest the time and energy or even money in the long-term.  They want a quick fix, a miracle cure that will work now.  They will pay a relatively small amount of cash for that new book on the latest faddy diet or try out the latest product promising fast results.  Unfortunately none of these things are going to cure their weight problem in the long term so they end up spending a fortune over the years.

As the saying goes “you buy cheap, you buy twice”.

Managing your weight for life and keeping yourself healthy requires investment.  It requires you to prioritise the time you need to plan and prepare balanced meals.  It requires you to commit to a physical activity programme.  It requires you to value the importance of a good night’s sleep or the time you spend doing things that make you feel good.

What are you putting off because you ‘can’t afford it’?

Can you really afford to lose good health, because you’d rather spend time/money elsewhere or you’d rather try quick-fix solutions (that will undoubtedly fail)?

Is it time to reconsider that course of counselling sessions to help you sort out an issue that’s causing problems in your life?  Is it time to book yourself in for regular massages to release that tension that’s leading to difficulties with your posture (and in turn causing more aches and pains)?  Or is it time to reorganise your time to fit in that exercise programme you’ve been meaning to start?

So what are you waiting for – are you ready to invest in yourself?

You deserve it after all.


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