Starting up

So here it is, my first ever blog post for my new social enterprise; Society of Self-esteem – I thought it’d be appropriate to begin with an introduction.

So why ‘Society of Self-esteem’?  Well if you’ve read the ‘About Society Of Self-esteem’ page, you will already know that SOS offers weight management consultation and delivers confidence-building courses and seminars.  I chose this name because I believe that self-esteem is a vital ingredient for both managing your own weight and also increasing your self-confidence.  Self-esteem means valuing yourself and showing you are worth something on your own terms.  By choosing to take control of your weight you are choosing to value yourself and show others that they should value you too.  By learning to value yourself you will find your confidence will grow daily.

The aim of this blog is to help readers value themselves by giving tips and sharing anecdotes.  You’ll find some posts will be focused on weight management, some will be solely about confidence-building – but for every post I’d love to hear your feedback and your stories, so please feel free to leave a comment.


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