Two birds with one stone



When I got up this morning my arms and shoulders were aching from some serious scrubbing I was doing yesterday.  It got me thinking about all the cleaning products available; potions and powders aimed at making life easier, tools for saving time and energy.  It reminded me of a friend talking about when he was cutting a hedge with good old-fashioned clippers and a neighbour told him he could do with getting himself an electric hedge trimmer.  His response was similar to mine in response to the idea of fancy cleaning products – ‘but then I wouldn’t get the same sense of achievement and effort.’  It may sound daft to some people, but tackling a cleaning job that’s been preying on your mind for a while and really giving it some gusto can be therapeutic.  Also think about the extra energy you could be burning, which can only be good if you’re trying to lose weight……two birds with one stone!



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