Weight loss without dietingLooking for healthy weight-loss without dieting? I can help!

Hi I’m Louise and I live in Shrewsbury with my amazing husband Sam and our gorgeous daughters Genevieve and Kinsey.  I’m a registered Dietitian, but I prefer to call myself a Food Relationship Coach, because I’m on a mission to help mums ditch dieting forever! Weight loss and eating well doesn’t have to mean misery & punishment.

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So what’s The Anti-dieting Revolution all about?

Back when I worked for NHS weight loss services I heard the same story over & over again…

“I wish I’d never started dieting in the first place. I’d give anything to be that size again.”

The clients I worked with had tried everything to lose weight and ended up piling it all back on again. Plus a bit more each time they ‘failed’ at the latest diet. They’d start out wanting to drop a dress size for their wedding, but end up 4 sizes bigger, years later.

It was the story of my Grandma. She died when I was 11 and had struggled with her weight all her life.

In the decade I knew her before she died, my grandma had always been very overweight. My mum said she’d tried everything to lose weight and just got bigger. But I was gobsmacked when I saw some old pictures of her from before she started dieting. She looked incredible! And she definitely did NOT need to lose weight.

But of course she thought she needed to ‘get her body back’. The one from before she’d had 3 kids! So she tried all the diets, only to pile all the weight back on plus a bit more each time. She got stuck in the yo-yo dieting cycle for the next 3 decades. That always stuck with me.

This is why I am passionately against the dieting industry and all their bullshit advice.

When I was younger I was told over & over: “It’s all right for you, you’re slim, you don’t need to worry about your weight!”

I even started believing I could “eat what I liked” and stay the same… Until I gained a stone in just 2 months!

I came back from a conservation/trekking expedition in Malaysia to start training as a Dietitian in late 2006. My eating was mainly the same apart from bouts of comfort eating (stressful course!). But I was exercising a lot less than when I’d been training for the trekking in the first half of that year.

OK I wasn’t ‘overweight’, but my favourite clothes didn’t fit right. After 2 years in denial about what I was doing differently, I went through a dark period where I was unhappy with my situation. My weight started to creep up.

I knew something needed to change & I could easily have slipped into yo-yo dieting.

I wanted results & I wanted them NOW! But I knew what dieting did to my Grandma. I knew I had to be honest with myself about my daily habits, if I wanted to get back to ‘normal’. I tweaked things to build into healthier habits. I focused on looking after my mental AND physical health. It took time. I get how hard it is, I’ve been there. But when I work with you 1-2-1, it’s all about YOU & your needs. It’s not about me.

Ditch dieting forever & just tweak it! Build healthy habits for life instead of focusing only on weight loss.

When you work with me I give you permission to eat WHATEVER you like. There’s no need to do anything big or drastic to eat healthier and lose weight. I help you make small changes to your normal day-to-day eating and exercising habits. Small changes that you could do FOREVER so they turn into new habits for life.

healthy weight loss attitude
Let’s pass a healthy attitude towards food onto our daughters!

I show you how to build a healthy attitude towards food & weight loss.

You learn how to get that balance so you can eat what you love. You feel in control of your eating rather than your eating controlling you. You lose that sense of shame around food. Then you pass this healthy attitude on to your daughters. So the next generation of mums never start the exhausting cycle of yo-yo dieting. And that is my mission accomplished!

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Come and join The Anti-dieting Revolution!

My Manifesto for The Anti-dieting Revolution

I believe that what you eat doesn’t make you a good or a bad person.

I believe that there are no good or bad foods, just healthy or unhealthy diets.

I believe that you can eat the food you love and still feel in control of your eating.

I believe life is too damn short for all that depriving & punishing yourself

I believe that valuing yourself is vital for achieving your health goals.

I believe that accepting yourself 100% as a whole human being, ‘warts’ & all, is the key to self-confidence.

I believe that being happy & healthy is more important than having the perfect body.

I believe that tea IS lifeblood!

I believe that life is better with cake & chocolate.

I believe that music feeds your soul.

I believe that it’s the little things in life that really matter.

I believe that nature can make you happier & healthier.

I believe that the imperfections make you real & beautiful.

I believe that animals are important too (cats rule obviously!).

I believe that beauty & success are what you believe them to be.

I believe that the colour purple is best.

Official Bio

health weight loss with Louise

Louise is a UK based Dietitian registered with the HCPC.  Louise’s mission with The Anti-dieting Revolution is to help mums ditch dieting forever. Louise’s favourite things are; all things tea-related, cake, playing piano, bird-spotting, gothic Victoriana and the colour purple!

After qualifying as a Dietitian in 2008 at Leeds Metropolitan University, Louise worked briefly as a Dietitian at the Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton. However she quickly realised that a hospital was not the place for her! She found her calling in life when she joined the award-winning “Why Weight?” NHS Weight-loss services in Telford. Louise has over a decade of experience in helping people tweak their habits to achieve their goals. Her experience in delivering confidence-building courses combined with her knowledge of nutrition is guaranteed to help you build a healthy attitude towards food.

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