How to break free from yo-yo dieting forever.

break free from yo-yo dieting

How to break free from yo-yo dieting forever.

Does this sound familiar?

“I wish I’d never started dieting in the 1st place!”

You’re sick and tired of the whole yo-yo dieting cycle. Either you’re on a diet, cutting out the food you love & ‘being good’. Or you’re off the diet, eating everything in sight and piling all the pounds back on.

You’re feeling:

  • exhausted trying to follow strict diets & failing.
  • miserable coz you’re getting bigger with every diet you fail.
  • totally confused about what to eat to be healthy & lose weight.

Dieting seems to come with a sense of needing to punish or deprive yourself – by restricting your food or denying yourself the things you love. My work 1-2-1 with clients isn’t only about looking at what they’re eating. It’s about ditching that WHOLE dieting mentality.

Coz dieting makes it worse; there’s a better way…

Keep reading to find out how to break free from yo-yo dieting once & for all.

Forget depriving and punishing yourself. Try being kind to yourself instead. You absolutely deserve to be happy and enjoy a little of what you fancy. You deserve to be valued.

When you focus on accepting yourself and looking after your body, you feel good. Then you’re more likely to do the things you need to do to stay healthy. It’s like a positive cycle on and on…

Are you ready to ditch dieting forever?

How to break free from yo-yo dieting forever:

Step 1: Make a decision to ditch dieting forever

Make a promise to yourself to stop dieting once and for all. Decide you’re not going on any more diets. Avoid using dieting language where you talk about ‘slimming’, ‘being on a diet’ or ‘being good’. None of that shit helps you!

Step 2: Stop looking for a miracle.

Forget all those weight-loss products, pills and potions. They’re a waste of your time and money. There are no miracle, quick fix cures for losing weight or eating well. There’s NO substitute for building healthy habits for life. They’re just distracting you from the work that will actually help you get where you want to be.

Step 3: Focus on nourishing your body instead of restricting/depriving yourself

Avoid cutting stuff out, especially food you love or whole food groups e.g. starchy carbs – they’re important! Food is fuel & nourishment. No food is ‘bad’, healthy eating is about the overall balance of everything you eat.

Aim to eat regular balanced meals to give your body what it needs. Then you’re less likely to snack and pick between meals. You’re also less likely to have cravings.

break free from yo-yo dieting
You’re not being ‘naughty’ – it’s just food!

Step 4: Give yourself permission to eat whatever you love

Take the time to enjoy your food & eat mindfully. Allow yourself to have a little of what you fancy with zero guilt. Restricting food you love is likely to lead to cravings. Then if you beat yourself up for being ‘naughty’, you’re more likely to end up bingeing. It’s about changing your perspective about food & ditching the judgement!

You’re allowed to enjoy the food you love.

Step 5: Tweak your normal habits

If you’re trying to eat better, get fitter or lose weight, avoid doing something drastic. Make little changes to your normal daily habits. Think about what you could do to be healthier, then pick the first small step.

Whatever your tweak – make sure it’s something you WANT to do. Then you’re more likely to keep it going & stick to it for life. It’s about building new habits for life.

But BE PATIENT! Take your time to build things gradually. Take it step by step. Change things one at a time. It’s a marathon not a sprint – this is lifestyle change, there is no quick fix.

Time to be kind to yourself and ditch dieting forever.

Need help to ditch dieting forever? Want to eat normally again AND lose weight healthily ..? While still enjoying the cake & chocolate? Hell yes!

I can help you ditch dieting forever, either with my 1-2-1 support. Or if you prefer to work independently, you can learn all the skills I teach my 1-2-1 clients, on my ‘No More Diets’ online course.

My Weekly Round-up! AKA; what I’ve been up to recently…

  • Tea of the week is still Earl Grey, but I’m thinking of looking into getting some Earl Grey Vanilla. It’s a pain as nowhere stocks it round here so gotta order online!
  • Still enjoying aerial hoop, although I really struggled to do a couple of the moves last week. But it was so exciting I managed to do one of them last night! I will not be defeated!
  • Ok so I know I’ve talked here about our family challenge ’22 Hills in 2022′ (still stuck at 3 hills so far!). But did I mention that I also have a little reading challenge to read 22 new books in 2022? So far I’ve managed 2 new books per month in January & February. At the moment I’m enjoying ‘The House on the Strand’ by Daphne Du Maurier, but I realised I’ve already read it!!! Argh!
  • I decided to give myself a little reading challenge as over the last few years I’ve found that I’ve been reading a lot of the same books. Especially ‘Pride & Prejudice’, I must’ve read it at least 10 times! Partly due to escapism from the state of the world and it’s so easy to read. Partly because the library has been shut and only offering pot-luck books – I prefer to choose than get a surprise book!
  • Bird Nerd Report: I keep seeing grey wagtails down by the brook – they love flitting around the rocky bits. Also seen so many goldfinches and green finches – well I couldn’t see them very well without my binoculars, but I could hear them singing anyway. There were also some chaffinches near my house too, we don’t see them very often!

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