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This week Katie from Baby Bird Cafe has asked me to write a guest post for the Baby Bird Cafe blog.  Baby Bird Cafe is a colourful little family-run child-friendly cafe and Community Interest Company in Oswestry.  It’s the perfect place for parents to meet up and grab a bite to eat whilst the little-ones play.  There’s also plenty to do there including crafts for the kids and lots of local community groups meet in the room upstairs, where I run my child-friendly weight-loss groups.  So for the blog post I decided to share some top tips for managing your weight as a parent – keep an eye on the Baby Bird Blog it should be published this Sunday (12th April).

Some news!

Weight-loss group sessions
More info on my child-friendly weight management groups

My child-friendly weight-loss groups will be changing from Thursdays to Fridays from next week (17th April).  The groups have been running since January this year and I already have a few star pupils who have done really well (so proud of you, you know who you are!).  The groups are for anyone who wants a bit of support losing weight in a friendly group setting.  They’re particularly good if you struggle to get to regular slimming-clubs due to lack of childcare, because you can bring the kiddies along.  The venue is child-friendly, we have toys at the ready and nobody minds the odd tantrum – we’re all very informal!

e-book cover
My new e-book – get your free copy here

I am also officially starting my newsletter this month.  It’s the perfect way to keep up with my blog posts, find out more information on my services and I will be including regular tips on weight management and confidence-building.  I have also written a short e-book called ‘Your Guide To Self-motivation’, which will be FREE to download by anyone who signs up to the newsletter.  This is a no nonsense guide to help you kick-start your lifelong weight management, but is also good for helping you get motivated to achieve any of your life goals.  Get your copy of the e-book by following this link: Society Of Self-esteem Newsletter

In case you’re interested – my new photos are by the fabulous multi-talented Birgitta from Birgitta Designs Photography

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Hi I'm Louise, a Food Relationship Coach and registered Dietitian with a passion for helping mums to ditch dieting forever. I help you to eat normally again, enjoy your food and still lose weight.

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