The Anti-dieting Revolution Manifesto

The Anti-dieting Revolution Manifesto

What’s ‘The Anti-Dieting Revolution’ all about?

The Anti-dieting Revolution may not be the place for you, or you may love it… I thought I’d share my manifesto so you can decide for yourself.

First, let’s talk a little bit about weight, as a lot of people come to me for support with their weight. The first thing you need to know is that The Anti-dieting Revolution is NOT for you if you’re trying to be ‘the perfect weight’.

‘My way’ isn’t going to help you if you think there is a ‘perfect size’.

There isn’t a perfect size or weight.

Human beings come in ALL different sizes, shapes and colours.

We need to accept ourselves and see the beauty in every body because every body is beautiful.

Then focus on nourishing and feeding and loving our own bodies.

This is one of the most important steps you need to take towards breaking-free from the miserable cycle of yo-yo dieting once & for all. Dieting makes it worse and you deserve better than that.

Anti-dieting is about loving yourself
I adore this poster created by Leonie Dawson, coloured in by me.
You can grab a copy of this poster by going here. (Yes I am a super-fan with an affiliate link, so if you follow the link & end up buying something then I get commission!)

The Anti-dieting Revolution Manifesto

Taking a stand against the dieting industry & the bullshit they spread, is at the core of what I teach and the way I live my life too.

The following statements are what I believe. Some of them are just for fun, some are seriously a way of life… I’ll let you decide which is which!

I believe that:

  • What you eat doesn’t make you a good or a bad person.
  • There are no good or bad foods, just healthy or unhealthy diets.
  • You can eat the food you love and still feel in control of your eating.
  • Life is too damn short for all that depriving & punishing yourself.
  • Valuing yourself is vital for achieving your health goals.
  • Accepting yourself 100% as a whole human being, ‘warts’ & all, is the key to self-confidence.
  • Being happy & healthy is more important than having the perfect body.
  • Tea IS lifeblood!
  • Life is better with cake & chocolate.
  • Music feeds your soul.
  • It’s the little things in life that really matter.
  • Nature can make you happier & healthier
  • The imperfections make you real & beautiful.
  • Animals are important too (cats rule obviously!).
  • Beauty & success are what you believe them to be.
  • The colour purple is best.
Purple is best - the anti-dieting revolution manifesto
Where I stand; purple is best!
My fave purple velvet boots & one of my fave places to be – by the brook watching for kingfishers of course.

So what do you think?

So much better than all that shitty dieting making you hate yourself, right?!

Time to ditch dieting forever. You deserve better.

Need help to ditch dieting forever? Want to eat normally again AND lose weight healthily ..? While still enjoying the cake & chocolate? Hell yes!

I can help you ditch dieting forever, either with my 1-2-1 support. Or if you prefer to work independently, you can learn all the skills I teach my 1-2-1 clients, on my ‘No More Diets’ online course.

My Weekly Round-up! AKA; what I’ve been up to recently…

  • This week we found an extra packet of vanilla chai teabags in the back of the cupboard so I’ve been having milky vanilla chai EVERY day! So right for Autumn, yum.
  • Shrewsbury Birdwatch update: Last week was all about the kingfishers, I saw them again two days in a row after my last blog. I keep hearing them first then following the noise – peep peep – like a slightly crap tin whistle! This week it’s been woodpeckers I keep seeing. A couple of days ago I saw THREE woodpeckers – just as I was thinking again “that tree looks like it should have a woodpecker in it” and one appeared! You know the kind of tree; really hoary & bare with lots of hollows. A little further down the brook I saw two together… Then today I saw another three woodpeckers today – wow! Also it seems like this time of year if you stand still for long enough anywhere down by the brook then a flock of long-tailed tits will show up – I could watch the funny little floofs for ages!
  • I’ve finally managed to get to the library for some books. I found ‘I am Heathcliffe’, a book of short stories inspired by ‘Wuthering Heights’, which is one of my favourites so I had to get it. I also got Daphne Du Maurier’s ‘Frenchman’s Creek’ and Elizabeth Gaskell’s ‘Mary Barton’.
  • We had a little drive to grab some yummy curry from one of our fave cafes ‘No Today Seitan’ in Oswestry market-hall. They have the most amazing vegan cheesecake – I had ‘cake-away’ for later on that night – bliss!
  • Finally got to check out Whittington Castle after driving past it about a million times. Every time I’ve seen it I’ve thought I must take a closer look. It’s a pretty little castle – well what’s left of it anyway. There’s a little moat around the front and we got pretty excited to see water voles down by the edge of the water.
  • I’ve impressed myself by keeping up my post-school-run walks in the morning pretty much every day. As well as doing a short set of stretches & yoga/Pilates too. A few days I’ve had an audience of a load of sparrows! They love fluttering around the roses by our bay window and sometimes a bunch of them will sit on the window ledge peering in at me – teehee!

If you love my blog or know someone who needs to hear my message then please share this. Spread the anti-dieting message!