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It’s easy to get seduced by the promises from the dieting industry.

You aren’t the only one who is looking for a quick-fix to lose weight.

The problem with following the latest fad to lose weight quickly is that it makes it worse long-term. Fast weight-loss isn’t healthy or sustainable. When you restrict your eating too much, you end up bigger in the long-term. Coz you can’t stick to that diet forever, it’s too strict and when you come off it you’re likely to overdo it coz ‘you’re free!’

Before you know it you’ve piled ALL the weight back on again, plus a bit more! Only now you’re obsessed with food and you feel like you can’t look at the treats without gaining weight.

Ditching all that dieting, and focusing on making tweaks to your normal eating habits is so much easier to stick to forever. It’s also healthier and more fun, coz it means you can enjoy the treats like cake & chocolate.

So many of my 1-2-1 clients talk about feeling like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders after having one of my ‘Kick-Start’ sessions.

If you’re ready to tweak things, lose weight forever and ditch all that dieting bullshit;

There’s no commitment to sign-up to anything further. For some of my 1-2-1 clients, this hour-long ‘Kick-Start’ session (plus 15min follow-up) has been all they needed to ditch dieting for good – woohoo!

What a client said after her ‘Kick-Start’ session with me

No More Diets VIP 1-2-1 package

After your ‘Kick-Start’ session you have the opportunity to continue working with me and become a VIP with the ‘No More Diets VIP 1-2-1’ package.

Get the ongoing support you need to finally achieve your goals.

As a Food Relationship Coach I can work with you 1-2-1 to help you develop the habits and learn the skills to control your weight once and for all!

On the VIP 1-2-1 programme you will:

  • Tackle unhelpful thinking patterns and become more aware of your own behaviours.
  • Become self-motivated and hold yourself accountable long-term.
  • Stand up to those ‘food pushers’ who sabotage your efforts.
  • Control those cravings so they don’t rule your life.
  • Control that comfort eating so it doesn’t get in the way of your goals.
  • Enjoy your food again — even the cake & chocolate — without any of that shitty guilt!

Get the No More Diets VIP 1-2-1 package for 3x monthly payments of £600 or save £300 with a one-off upfront payment of £1500.

The best place to start is with one of my ‘Kick-Start’ sessions:

What Claire said after working 1-2-1 with me