3 Easy ways to feel better about yourself

easy ways to feel better about yourself

3 Easy ways to feel better about yourself

This week I wanted to share some simple ways for you to feel better about yourself. No weight-loss required, no need to change yourself in any way.

You can watch the video I made about this below. Or keep scrolling if you prefer to read.

The reason I want to share these tips is coz when you feel crappy about yourself, you’re more likely to turn to food or maybe other ways to feel better about yourself. Then if you’re overeating or you’re eating things you think you’re eating too much of, you end up feeling guilty about your eating. Then you end up eating more, because you think I’ve blown it! You might as well just carry on eating more…

Then before you know it you get stuck in that guilt-binge cycle and that’s a really crappy place to be!

Love yourself first

If that’s all sounding familiar, before you start thinking about trying to eat better or exercise more – press the pause button! Check-in with yourself, because it’s really important to focus on loving yourself first. OK, now if you’re thinking ‘love’ is bit too difficult to start with, aim for ‘acceptance’ first. Start with saying to yourself “this is the way I am and that’s just fine”

Here are my tips to help you with this, so you can love yourself first.

3 Easy ways to feel better about yourself:

Tip #1 – Focus on your strengths

A really good exercise to help you focus on your strengths is writing a list of things that are great about you. Like I said, if you struggle with the idea of things that are ‘great’ about yourself then start with things that are ‘okay’, if that feels easier. Keep a record of your successes, any wins you have day-to-day, no matter how small. Include things that you feel proud of achieving like your qualifications or obstacles that you’ve overcome. If you’ve had difficulties in your life that you’ve got through – put that on your list.

You could include aspects of your personality as well as your physical appearance. What about how you are as a friend or parent? It all counts. Write down nice feedback that you get whether it’s from friends, nice messages or regular compliments that you get or feedback from work – write it all down. Include as many things as you can on your list and keep adding to it.

Read your list regularly to focus on your strengths, because it’s so easy to focus on your weaknesses. Like, “I hate my nose!” or “I hate that I’m always late and procrastinating!” When you dwell on your so-called flaws and weaknesses you just end up feeling shit about yourself. Instead I want you to celebrate your strengths, or you could even flip the perspective on those weaknesses and say “this is OK!” Coz you don’t have to be perfect.

easy ways to feel better about yourself
One of my fave quotes – try saying it to yourself!

Tip #2 – Learn to accept compliments

You might find this one hard – it might be ingrained in you that you’re not allowed to take compliments. But when somebody says something nice to you – take that compliment. Whether it’s feedback on your work, a nice compliment on your photo or a stranger in the street says they love your boots. Whatever it is, instead of trying to downplay it or contradict them – just say thank you and smile. Accept that compliment, let them enjoy giving you the compliment. Let it soak in then go and add it to your list of strengths from above! You don’t have to believe it, but just take the compliment and enjoy it. Know that accepting it won’t make you vain or big-headed. Accepting compliments is good for you, you’re not going to suddenly become some kind of narcissist overnight, just coz someone told you your hair looked nice!

Tip #3 – Avoid anything judgmental

Step away from judgemental situations. It could be you need to flip the conversation when other people start getting really judgmental, whether it’s about themselves or about other people. Maybe you have a friend or relative who is always down on themselves or other people? Think of a topic of conversation prepared ready so that as soon as it seems like they’re going to start all that criticising you can cut it off. It takes a bit of practise, but once you do it the first time it gets easier. Eventually they may realise subconsciously or not, that the topic is off-limits. Also ditch those judgmental TV shows and magazines, especially when they’re criticising people’s bodies. Like those gossip mags where they slag off celebrities for daring not to look perfect 24/7, or for having natural bodily functions! God forbid famous people might actually sweat or get spots! If you’re getting judgemental about other people you’re more likely to be critical of yourself. Time to stop that now – it won’t help you feel good about yourself.

Just to recap – 3 easy ways to feel better about yourself:

  • Focus on your strengths
  • Accept those compliments
  • Avoid any of that judgmental stuff because it won’t help you

Which one are you going to try? If you can, give them all a go and see how it makes you feel. Let me know how you get on or if there’s anything else you’d add!

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My Weekly Round-up! AKA; what I’ve been up to recently…

  • Tea of the week is Earl Grey Vanilla – yay! It arrived in the post pretty quick and it’s been so yummy. The smell in the tin where I put the teabags is amazing.
  • Another amazing thing that arrived in the post this week was a bar of chocolate that I won! I commented on a post on LinkedIn to guess the new flavour of ‘Freedom’ chocolate and I got it right – woohoo! The chocolate was yummy and I’m going to have to try the other flavours too.
  • I’ve been keeping up my exercise routine of walking most days during the week. As well as doing my little exercise routine and a short yoga video. To make it realistic I’ve been aiming to do each at least 4 times per week usually during week-days and it’s working well so far.
  • Not the most exciting weekend as this week I realised time was ticking and I had to sort my accounts and tax return. They’re all sorted now though so that feels good!
  • We did go for a family walk at the weekend, but it wasn’t a new one so no update to our family challenge ’23 Walks in 2023′. Genevieve wanted to explore a little area near the walk we went on a couple of weeks ago at Llanymynech. So we did that and it was nice to chill and just mooch around there.
  • Bird Nerd Report: I’ve seen the buzzard quite a few times on my walks down by the brook. There are still loads of goldfinches and long-tailed tits around. Plus when we were exploring the Llanymynech walk I saw bullfinches in the trees, must’ve been at least 3 – that’s the most I’ve ever seen together I’m sure!
Me with my winning chocolate – looking slightly maniacally happy!

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