How the anti-dieting revolution makes it easier for you

how the anti-dieting revolution makes it easier

How the anti-dieting revolution makes it easier for you

This week I wanted to talk about how joining The Anti-dieting Revolution makes it easier for you than following all that dieting bullshit!

You can watch the video I made about this below or keep scrolling if you prefer to read.

Are you sick of all the dieting bullshit?

This is for you if you have done ALL the diets and you’ve been to all the slimming clubs. You’re sick of it all, because it’s just too complicated. It’s making it worse for you – you’re just getting bigger with every diet that you fail. And you can’t stand the thought of being on a diet for the rest of your life.

Ditch the dieting and tweak it instead.

It’s time to make it easier for yourself by tweaking it instead of following the latest faddy diet. Instead of trying to change everything about what you’re doing, just make small changes gradually and take it step by step. Start by picking one thing that you think would be the easiest thing to change. Something that would be the easiest thing to keep going long-term, but would actually make the biggest difference.

Focus on building healthy habits.

Look at your usual day-to-day habits – what are your normal eating habits? What are your normal exercising habits? Get clear on what you do daily then tweak it a little bit. But make sure you’re focusing on building up those changes into new habits. It’s all about building healthy habits that you can stick to forever, rather than making some changes until you get to your goal then stopping.

Are you being honest with yourself?

It helps if you are aware of what your habits are like now. You need to know what you’re doing now, before you can make any changes. If you’re telling yourself you can’t change or you don’t know how to change, you’re just going to find it hard. You’re never going to get anywhere if that’s all you focus on. Take a step back from that perspective and just be honest with yourself. What are you doing right now? What are your day-to-day eating habits really like?

Write it down.

If you’re not sure what you’re eating day-to-day, then the simplest way to get more aware of your current habits is to write it down. Grab a notebook that you can keep with you and write down what you eat as you go along. It’s only going to help if you write it down as you go along so that you don’t forget what you’ve had. If you get to the end of the day and try to look back and remember what you’ve eaten, it’s easy to forget all the little bits and bobs. Sometimes it’s all those little things we forget we’ve eaten that add up and make the difference. Be 100% honest with yourself, write down everything you eat and drink so then you can look back at the end of the day and it’s there in black and white.

Ditch the judgement, it’s just about getting clear.

Remember this is only so you can figure out where you could make a little tweak here and there, that’d make a big difference. Take the judgement out of it, it’s not about beating yourself up for how you’ve eaten. It’s not about thinking that you need to count Calories or severely restrict yourself – that’s not going to help you. It’s no good getting obsessed either! If you think that keeping a record is going to make you become obsessed with your eating, where you start restricting yourself, don’t do this! It’s not going to help you, if you’re in that kind of frame of mind. Only do this to observe your eating habits so then you can pick out one or two things that you could tweak.

What’s the one thing that’d make the biggest difference?

Looking at your eating habits, what’s the one thing that stands out most to you that you could change to improve it all? That’s where you can start to tweak it. Maybe you realise you’re not having regular meals or you’re not having enough fruit and veg. Or maybe you’re eating regularly, but you’re not having well-balanced meals. Pick that one thing that you think “yeah if I change that, if I work on building that new habit that would make a big difference to me.” That’s the place to start.

Of course if you need more help on how to make sure your meals are well-balanced then check out my free guide to making healthy eating easier.

Remember – be honest with yourself, be curious and observe what you’re doing without any unhelpful judgement.

What could you tweak today? What would be your first step?

Ditch dieting forever, you deserve better.

Need help to ditch dieting forever?

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My Weekly Round-up! AKA; what I’ve been up to recently…

  • Tea of the week is still Earl Grey and there may have been a few biccies dunked in there this week – yep I dunk my biscuits and it’s the best thing ever!
  • I’m just about back into a routine with doing the daily school run. Plus I’m feeling happy about getting back into my post-school-run walk along the brook. It’s been so good to get some quiet time to myself and look up through the branches in the trees for a bit of ‘treephoria’. Bliss!
  • At the weekend we went on a random camping trip to Watford. The original plan was to go to Harry Potter Studios for Genevieve’s birthday. Unfortunately we were too late to book tickets for that weekend, but we’d already booked the campsite. We decided it’d be nice to do one final spot of camping for the year and it was actually a lovely place to walk around the reservoir. Sam saw loads of interesting mushrooms!
  • I’ve finished reading another book, ‘The book of madness and cures’ by Regina O’Melveny, which brings me up to 18 books so far in my reading challenge ’22 New Books in 2022′. The story follows a 16th Century Venetian doctor as she travels in search of her missing father. I found it plodded a bit to start with, but I enjoyed it in the end.
  • We’ve been working our way through ‘Locke & Key’ from the start on Netflix. I still adore that house!
  • Do you ever get weird recommendations on YouTube? I get loads, but every now and again I get recommended a gem! This week I LOVED seeing Anna Sui’s apartment, omg I want to live there, or at least get some of that gorgeous wallpaper.
  • Bird Nerd Report: Happy to see kingfishers regularly down by the brook, especially on the bit I call ‘Kingfisher Corner’. Also seen a couple of massive flocks of long-tailed tits – super cute! It was very strange to see the London parakeets on our camping trip though. They were very noisy, it was like being somewhere tropical without the weather!

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