The healthy eating advice that will ACTUALLY help you

healthy eating advice that will actually help

The healthy eating advice that will ACTUALLY help you

This week I wanted to share with you the healthy eating advice that will actually help you, way more than following the latest trendy diet!

You can watch the video I made on this below, or keep scrolling if you prefer to read.

Let’s face it there’s so much confusing, conflicting advice out there on nutrition and healthy eating. If you go to any of these slimming clubs they often give you loads of rules, special recipes or maybe special foods they say you have to eat to get results. Then there’s so many faddy diets that all say different things. They all have their evidence to back up their claims, but they usually encourage cutting out food, especially whole food groups and the food you love.

It’s no wonder you struggle & feel like a failure!

It’s no wonder you end up skipping meals, because you’re confused about what to eat. Then you end up craving sweet things or snacking between meals, because you restrict yourself too much. You still feel hungry after meals instead of feeling satisfied. You find yourself raiding the leftover Christmas cheese stash, coz that salad just isn’t keeping you going until your next meal. Then you end up feeling like you’re failing and you just can’t change or reach your goals.

So I wanted to share with you what I would recommend. I trained as a Dietitian so all my healthy eating advice is based on the most reliable long term evidence on what a healthy balanced diet looks like.

Here’s the healthy eating advice that will ACTUALLY help you:

Step 1; Keep It Simple

If you’re trying to eat better, you don’t need to change everything. Just tweak what you normally do. Look at your normal eating habits and just check that you’re eating regular meals throughout the day. Forget trying to follow a complicated plan full of new recipes or foods that you don’t normally eat, or cutting out loads of things. Instead focus on nourishing your body with balanced meals made up of foods you normally eat. If you focus on each meal and try to make sure it’s well balanced the rest just slots into place – honestly!

Healthy eating advice - bread is not the baddie the dieting industry tell you it is.
Bread is NOT the baddie that the dieting industry tell you it is!

Step 2; Include Something Starchy at Each Meal

The starchy carbohydrate foods are bread, potatoes, rice, pasta or any of those cereal grains. Ideally pick something higher in fibre like the wholegrain versions. Carbohydrates, especially starchy carbohydrates, are not the demon that the dieting industry will have you believe! If you cut these foods out, you’re more likely to feel tired and irritable. Without starchy carbs you’re more likely to get peckish between meals. You’ll be missing out important nutrients and you’re more likely to sleep poorly and feel rubbish. You’re also more likely to have cravings, especially for the quick-fix energy from sweet/sugary foods. So include something starchy at each meal and that’s the first step to making your meal well balanced.

Step 3; Include Fruit/Veg at Each Meal

Have some fruit or veg, or both if you like, at each meal. Go for whatever fruit or veg that you like, nothing’s off-limits. Try to have at least a handful and remember it doesn’t have to be fresh. You could go for dried fruit/veg, tinned or frozen – all of these contribute to your ‘at least five portions a day’. If you can try and cover half your plate with fruit/veg, that’s a good place to start.

Step 4; Include a Decent Source of Protein at Each Meal

This could be some kind of protein-rich food like beans/pulses, nuts and seeds, eggs or meat. Or you could go for some kind of dairy food or fortified alternative to dairy, like milk, yoghurt or fortified plant milks. And there you have it – a well balanced meal – easy peasy!

Start with something starchy, add some kind of fruit or veg or both if you like. Then include a decent source of protein. If you follow these steps at each meal, you’re getting a variety different food groups. So then you’re more likely to be getting all the nutrients that your body needs. When you nourish your body, you’re less likely to snack and pick between meals. You’re more likely to feel better, sleep better and more likely to want to exercise. You’re less likely to have cravings, which can then lead to binges when you feel guilty about eating stuff you tell yourself you shouldn’t eat. Clients tell me over & over that this simple process is so much easier and better than any diet-plan they’ve been given, so why not give it a go?

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Remember it’s time to ditch dieting forever, because you absolutely deserve better.

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My Weekly Round-up! AKA; what I’ve been up to recently…

  • Tea of the week has been Lady Grey as I still haven’t got round to ordering some Earl Grey Vanilla!
  • Feeling good for being back in a routine this week. I’ve been for a walk after the school run every day so far this week and my back is so much better for it!
  • I’ve also been getting back into doing my little exercise routine most days, as well as following a short yoga video too. Feeling quite proud of myself! But the incentive of not having a stiff, achy back is quite a strong one, so that’s really helping me keep it going.
  • One of the TV shows that I was a ‘Supporting Artist’ (Extra) for, is finally available to watch. It was ‘Stonehouse’ about the MP who faked his own death and it aired on ITV. You can see me right at the very end of the first episode, in the Miami airport scene. I was an air hostess checking-in a customer for a flight. I’m on the bottom right of the screen with no glasses, bright red lippie and a blue hat. Literally you can see my face for all of about 3 seconds, but it’s hilarious to see yourself on TV!
  • I got given a book of walking routes around Shropshire for Christmas. So we’ve decided that we’ll do them all in another little family challenge. This year we’re aiming for ’23 Walks in 2023′. First up we walked the Llanymynech Heritage walk and it went pretty well. There was a little marshy stream area that Genevieve wants to go back and explore with her wellies on. Although she did complain of getting tired quite a bit and said she preferred to stay at home with her Lego! So much for instilling a love of nature and walking… oh well I guess there’s still time…
  • Bird Nerd Report: On my walks by the brook this week I’ve seen so many flocks of long-tailed tits. There’s also been several flocks of goldfinches too, plus I saw at least 2 or 3 jays this morning. Some of my faves, hopefully the kingfishers will show up again soon.

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