“Help, nothing works, weight-loss is too hard for me!”

weight loss is too hard

“Help, nothing works, weight-loss is too hard for me!”

Is weight loss too hard for you? You want to eat better and get fitter, but it seems like nothing works, you just can’t do it. If so, then keep reading, this one’s for you.

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Is it time to take a step back?

Sometimes when you’re trying to get to your health goals – whether you want to lose weight, get fitter or eat better – you need to take a step back. So you’ve been trying to make some changes to your eating or exercising habits, but it all seems a bit too hard…

You don’t need to change it all.

First of all ask yourself – are you trying to change too much? I see it all the time, people wanna eat better so they try and change everything; ALL of their eating habits. If that’s what you’re doing, you’re making it too hard for yourself.

Just tweak it!

Pick one thing to start off with. Even if all of your eating habits are awful, don’t think that you need to change them all straight away. Just pick one or two small changes to start off with. Give yourself a break and make it easy for yourself by tweaking what you’re already doing.

Do you really want to do that?

Check-in with yourself – do you really want to achieve that goal? Maybe you’ve got a goal in your mind, but is it a goal that you’ve come up with yourself? Or is it something that you’ve been told you need to do, maybe by your GP? Or maybe family/friends keep saying you need to lose weight. You don’t have to change just because other people tell you.

If you really don’t want to change, it’ll always be an uphill battle.

Unless your goal comes from you, it’s going to make it really hard for you. Then the more you struggle to change, the more you’re going to feel rubbish about yourself. Ask yourself – does that goal actually mean something to you? Do you have enough reasons to change? What are the incentives to get to that goal and do they mean something to you?

The benefits of changing, are what’s going to drive you to make changes to reach your goal. Having reasons why you want to be at that target, that are more important than the benefits of staying the same, makes all the difference. Ask yourself – why do I want to do this?

“Tweak it – tick! Plenty of reasons to change – tick! It still seems too hard…!”

Soooo…. you’ve checked you have plenty of incentives to motivate you to change. You’re focusing on making small changes that you actually want to make and you actually want to get to that goal… But it still seems too hard!

Is there something else you need to deal with first?

Maybe it’s time to check-in with yourself whether there’s something else that needs to be sorted out first? Time to take a step back and tune into your intuition. What’s your gut telling you about whether now is the right time? Are you actually ready or is there something else that you need to sort out before you start trying to change?

Do you have a problem that you need to work through? Maybe a trauma that you need to heal from. Or you need to sort out that relationship that’s leaving you feeling rubbish. Maybe you need to find job satisfaction by finding a more fulfilling job.

Ask yourself what you need to do to make your life smoother. Figure out what would make your life more enjoyable, because you need to manage the stuff that’s getting in the way, to help you make it easier to make those changes.

What would make a big difference right now?

What would make the most difference in your life right now? Then decide what would be the first step towards making that happen and start there. If it feels like too big a step, have a think about how to break it down into smaller steps and start with the easiest first step.

On a side note, remember life is always going to throw challenges at you. Is it that you’re using these everyday challenges as excuses, because you don’t really want to change? Or is it time to take a step back, because there’s something bigger that needs your focus first?

Is it that you need to find a way of managing those day-to-day challenges so they’re not getting in your way? Or is it that you really aren’t ready or you really don’t want to do it enough yet?

Be honest with yourself

Only you know the answer to this. And of course it’s about working through all of this without judgement. You don’t need to beat yourself up about any of this. Just ask yourself what’s going on right now:

  • Do I need to take a step back to sort out something else first?
  • Do I need to check in with my self-motivation?
  • How can I make it easier for myself to change?

You can find more about self-motivation in my previous blogs here. Or here’s another one.

Obviously I’m here if you need help with this – sometimes talking through stuff like this with somebody makes all the difference – get in touch.

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My Weekly Round-up! AKA; what I’ve been up to recently…

  • Tea of the week has actually just been regular English tea as we’re away in Devon and we only have regular teabags!
  • Before we left for our holiday at the weekend, we went for a spot of canoeing. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages now ever since I was walking alongside the River Severn and I saw some people go past on a canoe. We booked a slot, but at the last minute it was changed by the company, so we canoed down the River Tern not the Severn. It was good fun and we all enjoyed it though. Even though I forgot that I’d actually have to paddle and it was quite hard work!
  • We’re away in Devon this week so we’ve been exploring lots of beaches. Genevieve has loved paddling in the sea, collecting shells and making sandcastles. We’ve visited Seaton beach, Sidmouth beach, Exmouth Beach and had a beer in Beer – well Sam did anyway!
  • I’ve finished another book to add to my list for my reading challenge ’22 New Books in 2022′. It was one of those easy reading romances ‘Rosie’s Travelling Tea Shop’ by Rebecca Raisin. To be honest it was kind of fluffy and predictable, but just what I expected really.
  • We wanted to keep up our ’22 Hills in 2022′ family challenge. So we had a look for a hill nearby and found Salcombe hill. It was a bit backwards compared to our normal hill walks; we parked at the carpark, walked along the top of the hill then walked down to a little secluded beach. Then we had to walk back uphill to get back to the car. There must’ve been a million steps and Genevieve wasn’t impressed (she’s been having way too many late nights this week so I think that’s why we had so many sit-down protests!). It was a fantastic walk though, as we stopped on part of the cliff-top to look at the view out to sea. Then as I was wondering what a load of sea-birds were doing flocking around a small area a little way out to sea, I realised there were dolphins there! Yay – we’ve finally seen dolphins and there must’ve been at least 5 of them. They were circling around probably hunting a shoal of fish and they kept jumping out of the water, it was amazing.
  • Bird Nerd Report: we saw loads of swallows and house martins while we were canoeing. Then we saw a load of cormorants standing on rocks in the sea with their wings spread out like vampires!
One of the many sit-down protests on our walk,
but by far the funniest!

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